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Archangelos 23056, Laconia - Peloponnese
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24.03.2019 - Archangelos Laconia
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Paliokastro located at Asopos Municipality.

The Museum of Olive and the Greek Olive Oil
Created by the ETVA Bank Cultural and Technological Institute, it opened its doors to the public in December of 2002. It is housed in a renovated building of the old electricity company, which was made available by the Sparta Municipality and operates under the Piraeus Group Cultural Institute. The Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil in Sparta aims to highlight the culture and technology of the olive and olive production, which is inextricably linked with the Greek and Mediterranean identity. Unique in Greece, it is located in the heart of Laconia, one of the main olive producing locations in Greece. In the upper floor the first testimonies about the olive in Greece , its contribution to the economy from prehistoric times to the 20th century, its role in nutrition, body care (cosmetic, pharmaceutical uses), lighting, while special mention is made of its symbolic dimension in religion, mythology, customs and mores. The unit concludes with a brief presentation of the oliveʼs position in art. Olive oilʼs capacity to cover a variety of different needs, rendered it one of the most important agricultural products, with a definitive role in the economy of each historical period. The position of the olive and olive oil in nutrition are presented in a separate unit. The Museumʼs ground floor is devoted to the development of olive oil production technology from Antiquity until the early industrial era. Emphasis has been placed on the revival of the powered olive oil presses (water-powered, steam-powered, diesel-powered and power-driven) using large working models. In addition, given that olive oil is still linked to body care, one of the exhibition units is dedicated to soap-making, domestic and industrial. From the large cauldron that old housewives in areas where olive oil is produced still use to make soap, we pass on to industrial soap vats.

Address: Othonos-Amalias 129
231 00 Sparta Laconia
Telephone: +30 27310 89315
Fax: +30 27310 89325
Internet Web Page:
The Museum of Olive and the Greek Olive Oil
The Cave Kastania Vion
At the beginning of the last century, Kostas Stivaktas in his fields in Saint Andrew used to watch bees entering a crack in the rocks and upon leaving it they seemed to him refreshed. His need for water drove him to break open the fissure and then much to his amazement, he encountered a beautifully unique and rare cave, full of stalactites and stalagmites in unbelievable combinations of colour and shape. Brilliant miracles of nature. Since then, both he and his descendants frequently used to go into the cave holding dried bush (afana) lit like a torch so they could see and get water from a small well inside. This was done up until 1958, when the cave became better know and was assigned protection and the attempt to develop it by the community of Kastania began. Today the tour of the cave has been made both passable and comfortable. The visitors can admire the nooks, the ceilings and the parlous, the triumphant forms, the fantastic shapes, the miniature mountains and valleys. The silent order of nature took millions of years to create this unique underground paradise. The cave is now ready to show us its treasures and to enchant us with its beauty.

Kastanea Vion
230 53 Neapolis Laconia Greece
Telephone: +30 27340 29043
Fax: +30 27340 23623
The Cave Kastania Vion